John Chisnall has been painting and drawing throughout his life. He developed his painting career in parallel with a career in building design and construction.

John has worked mainly in water colour. He finds this medium well suited to catching both the atmosphere and the detail of a place. It is immediate and portable which is ideal when travelling as well as being well suited to capturing his vision in the final paintings. John has travelled extensively painting throughout Europe and the USA. He has pictures in collections throughout the UK, USA, Norway and Australia. 

Over the last few years John has been exploring tempera as a medium and now works almost exclusively in this form using traditional methods including gesso prepared panels and pigments bound with egg yolk. Subjects are predominantly portraits particularly of some of the “characters” he has met on his travels.

John has taught all aspects of painting and drawing both on an individual basis and in structured classes. He has worked with The Barber Institute at Birmingham University.

In 2016 he collaborated with Dorling Kindersley in producing the watercolour section of a book dealing with Painting Techniques. “Artists Painting Techniques” was published in August 2016. Since then he has produced the illustrations and maps for a travel book recording a friend’s walking expedition across Europe. He has illustrated several books on local vernacular architecture.
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